Hello My name is Anthony Crawford. With a BFA in Design from Middle Tennessee State University, and a Dollar-and-a-Dream mentality, I ventured to Los Angeles ready to takeover vast beaches in SoCal. I grew up in Memphis, TN with dashing dreams to make it in LA and design for the best within the Music and Entertainment world (I'm dead set on making that happen btw.)

My specialties within design are Branding, Motion Graphics, Experience Design, and Interactive Design. Interactive Design is my bread and butter. When I discovered I had a real knack for Motion Graphics, it also led to the birth of my passion for Cinematography.

So thats enough of the designer-ly introduction. As an everyday person, I love to eat: Japanese, Italian, Seafood, you name it. I believe that I was raised in a family full of undercover culinary chefs, specifically my dad. 

MMA/UFC is my sport of choice. I like watching basketball and football, but it's not as exciting as cage fighting.  Music get's me through my day and Hulu gets me through my nights. I'm a Kanye Fan, but never will be a stan

I'm currently working BUT that doesn't mean I am not searching.... (*emoji side eyes)





Los Angeles, CA


Graphic Design+

Digital Art Direction +

Identity Design +

Motion Graphics +


Brand Development +

Cinematography +